Valehaven HFA – Oswego

Our Community

Oswego Valehaven is located in the Heart of the City of Oswego and within walking distance of stores, library, restaurants and our historical parks. We are located near Lake Ontario and the famous Fort Ontario. Originally Valehaven was an Adult Home for males. Currently, we have a nice mix of female and male residents and a married couple.


Lisa Solazzo

Lisa has been at Oswego Valehaven for three years and considers this job to be her calling in life. Lisa has dedicated her time promoting Valehaven as a home and has promoted family and team with residents and staff. Lisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Justice. Lisa brings six years of experience as a Director at Youth Advocate Program working with At Risk Youth and their families.

Lisa has two children Mark and McKenna. In Lisa’s spare time she spends it with her children, family and friends. Lisa enjoys working with run down pieces of furniture and turning them into beauties.

Kathy Thomas
Resident Care Coordinator

Kathy has been with the company on and off for over 15 years and has worked several different positions. As Resident Care Coordinator Kathy is responsible for the coordination of resident services including assistance with medications, personal care, medical appointments, and the overall well being of each resident. Kathy is a very important piece of the team and brings warmth and humor to us all. Kathy has lived in Oswego for her whole life. She loves working at Valehaven and has stated that she feels she is meant to be at Oswego Valehaven and considers it her second home. Kathy is a mother of six children and 12 grandchildren. Kathy spends her time outside of Valehaven with her children and grandchildren.