Scotia Mansion HFA


Deena Powers, Administrator  Deena joined the Scotia Mansion family in March 2017.  Deena brings to the table a 20 year nursing career where she discovered a few years back that the geriatric population was her passion.  Deena likes to have a sense of humor and willingness to listen to any concern or issue, whether it is from the residents, resident’s family or staff.  Deena’s philosophy is to “say what you mean, and mean what you say” and asks everyone who works at Scotia Mansion to apply themselves to that motto.  Deena lives in Glens with her husband Andy, daughter Rylee and her 2 puppies who enjoy spending time at the Mansion as well.  Nancy Mottram, RN ALP Coordinator  Nan joined the team of Scotia Mansion as our nurse in March 2017.  Nan worked in several areas including school nursing, emergency room, cancer & chemotherapy, peritoneal dialysis, geriatrics, hospice and OPWDD.  She has sub specialties in death & dying and wound care.  She also worked as a nursing supervisor in facilities ranging from 120 to 160 beds responsible for admissions, discharges, staff, residents, visitors as well as assessments, rounding with doctors, entering orders into electronic or paper MARs and anything else that needed attention.  She especially enjoys working with the elderly and the disabled (developmental, TBI and stroke) Nan resides in Queensbury, NY with 7 other people.  4 of them are my middle grand children.  All 6 grands range in ages from 27 to 10 and 5 of them are girls.  As you can imagine, there is a lot of whining with this.  My children are 48, 45 and 43 years old.